Sunday, March 14, 2010

sHifT+qWeRty. I lOve swiTching.

nOtt a trAffIc diversion.nOr a we've-changEd-fOr-yOu chanGe.
i caNt bLog hEre unLeSs i sTaRt nEw(nOt old-nEw,i mEaNt nEw-nEw)
a nEw uri wIll thRiLl me.

i waTcHed on diScOvery yesTerDay a cObra sheD hiSs sSkin
(i sTill dOnt knOw hOw to teLl a he-cObra frOm a sHe..
oR a he-snaKe frOm a sHe.eVen wiThouT knOwing iT i'M 22! sHit! wHy is thIs nOt uNbeliEvabLe!? i wOuld hAve feLt saNer hAd i fOund iT uNbeliEvabLe)

iF yOu cOncludeD cObras inSpire me,yOu muSt be oNe tOO.

tHis nEw uri shOulD thRiLl me - cLicK mE! I'm nEw! nEw! nEw

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What i did on the eve of the valentines'

I went and watched Ishqiya at innovative multiplex shelling out 150rs for the ticket and another 40rs for the butterscotch milkshake which was sickeningly sweet and another 40rs for the popcorn. Alone.

I go sit there pretty and relaxed sipping the milkshake but people seemed to have a slight problem. A loud just-out-of-college gang of Bengalis to my right and a maine-ishq-tumhi-se-kiya couple to my left. And here is what i got from them all-

At the ticket counter -
How many tickets ma'am?
One please.
One ma'am?
Yes please.

Just before the screening starts -
1. Kurta-clad-bengali-guy-to-my-left gives me a Waiting for him to join you, eh? look.
1. IloveYou-IloveYouToo-couple to my right give me a Oh!you must be waiting for him to join you look.

After the screening starts -
2. Kurta-clad-guy-to-my-left gives me a Call him up! He's late look.
2. IloveYou-IloveYouToo-couple to my right give me a You aren't even using your cellphone!You have lost yours'?Or he has lost his? look.

I dunno what other looks of disbelief they went on to give but I got engrossed watching Naseruddin on full screen. The movie has absolutely lovely songs.

Nothing happened. I paid 40rs and bought popcorn.

While i sat munching the popcorn -
3. Kurta-clad-guy gives a Movie alone!Popcorn alone! Cute! look.
The couple were busy hogging and sipping and slurping.

And then the movie got over in another 40 minutes. I gave them all a Oh yes!Please go ahead & think i'm here alone only because i lost a bet to somebody. Do i have an unfriendly vibe? No, no! I've enough people in my life! Thank you beri beri much! look and walked out.

So long and thanks for all those generous pity glances!

Oh! Fun it was! :)

P.S: What i did on the Valentines' day? Oh, nothing much.Treated myself with panipuri late in the evening which made up for an otherwise sullen sunday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A weaver's village

I was recently in this village of kodiyaala, a few kilometers away from my home town(Sakkare Nagara - Mandya) known for its handlooms and cotton sarees.

While people shopped busily and heavily, I watched Gurappa and other weavers add vibrant colors to the sarees - each a masterpiece.

The villages and its people have something in them that makes me feel not just awed but almost jealous.Its something more than just their simplistic lifestyle that draws me..I cant be sure..
(I know, I know, you will say that i must have found it homely given that Mandya is almost a village.. FYI, Mandya now has a MORE and a FabMall and Safal, you know :P )


Satisha in the powerloom

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Every time i happen to see a distant airplane
making its flight in the bangalore night-sky,
i mistake it to be a firefly.

And i end up feeling cheated, every single time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Feet

Skip steps while climbing down the stairs..
Splash jump into the rain puddles..
& kick stones during the long walks.. :)

P.S: Pic taken at Mettupalyam, Ooty, India.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Make cork balls on your own!! A visual guide with 7 all-easy steps!

What? Cork balls
Who are eligible? All who still have in them, alive, the spirit of playing lagori.
Who aren't? All hudGiru[and hudGuru] who have soft & clean manicured hands. All kids who know about nothing else but video games.
What one would require? 6-7 Katti Kaayi [The dried pods of the rain tree], A stone to grind.
Where? Some decent place in your garden which has a flat surface[Preferably a stone slab under the shade of a mango tree]
When? Summer's the best time.

Keep all materials ready[Parents can get non-cooperative at times like these].

Step 1 - Grind the KattiKaayis till you can separate the seeds and the sides. Keep the seeds aside [They can be put into use while playing Chowkabaara or Moshi].

Step 2 - Now grind them. Grind and Pound. Grind. Pound [For atleast 1/2 an hour].Grind till you feel they are fine and pasty-pasty.

Step 3 - See if you can proceed with making a ball out of the paste. Else goto Step 2.

Step 4 - Follow beNNeyammas'[butter-seller] method of giving the ball a perfect spherical shape [If you've not seen any, come visit Mandya sometime]
Step 5 - Roll your fresh & all-sticky ball over a little Rangoli pudi. Allow it to dry for sometime. Yes! Dirty hands, they leave you with! [ Doesn't matter much,does it? Especially when you don't mind your not-so-clean mind.. :b]

Step 6 - Oil your palms with coconut oil and gently roll the fresh cork ball in between till the surface absorbs enough oil.

Step 7
- Keep out of reach of birdies/cat-ies/kittens/puppies/doggies/humans while you let it dry for 3-4 days.

Now your hand-made cork ball is all ready! Lo! Go play Lagori!!

P.S - Queries welcome. Any attempts made, please keep me informed.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Naanenadru *XYZ aagidre, en en maadtidde gotta?

There has been a lot of "music" in my life lately.At office i hum 12x5 to keep my sanity level in check for the most weaselish of weasels are my co-workers -
>>>Mizzz.M to my left-hand side who is still too "young" to even understand what i speak, that a smile or a you-are-so-too-much look is all i get back for all the wise cracks i come up with[ok!ok! Mr.u-know-who, my jokes ARE wise relative to the "wisdom & wit" of my co-workers is all i mean. But, i know my score is still 3.5/5];

>>>Mizter.U to my right-hand side who thinks i'm a "beri beast seengar" and that i'm a " beri beri beast kannada tutor" [Thank you beri beri much. I hope it'll be very late before somebody dare tell you how polite "Hegidyo Magane?" "Nange kelsa madi taley keDtiDe" "Baavige haaru hogu" "Maga ootakke eLo" sound in kannada]

>>>>I'll dare not mention how amazing a master-piece another team-mate of mine is. Probability is more that he'll sue me for referring to him in an "unprofessional" & "unethical" manner in my blog damaging his wonderful "reputation" of being a "true professional" [My brain is still functional. All thanks to you, Mr.A. I enjoy nothing more than the "heated" arguments we share all day long,5 days a week. I can even get to the extent of getting sentimental & saying -"My work life would've been so dull & dry without someone like you in our cubicle"]

Yes,coming back to the senseless point that my life has gotten musical..
>>>It was with a friend & non-weasel colleague i had a conversation about my fascination for the named and the unnamed. Ever since I've been exhaustively listing down all the names of Indian classical ragas and My!My!My! what names,i say!!
Here are a few -

Asavari     AmritVarshini     Bageshree     BasantMukhari     Chandraprabha     Dhavalashree     
LalitGauri     Haunskinkini     Hamshika     Janasammohini     KesariKalyani    GopiKambhoji     
Basanti     Khambavati     Keervani     Lajwanti     Kaumari     Lalitavari     Lankeshree 
Madhuranjani     HaunsManjiri    AmbaManohari     ChittaMohini     Nilambari;     Kalavati
KaamVardhini     KumudPrabha     NaagSaraswati    Sawani     Shobhavari      JaiJaiwanti
Shreevanti     Sindhoora      Sohini     Lachari     UdayRaviChandrika;     HansNaad 
PuriyaDhanashree    Sawani     Yaamini     VrindaavaniSaarang     Patdeepaki    Purvi

If i were to mother the 101 kauravas i would have had all girls to name them after the Ragas or if i were Krishna with 16K gopikas, i would rename some 250-odd of them after the Ragas. There can be other who others i can name after Ragas, but, *Ahem* *Ahem* 200-odd! OMG! :b :b